Top Equestrians Rely on TheraPlate for Top Results

World Champion Bruce Griffin
All of our Equine athletes including the 2014 USEF National horse of the Year, Elis GV, use the TheraPlate. Our training and pleasure horses benefit from the increased circulation that TheraPlate provides before workouts in addition to post workout therapy."

Olympian Debbie McDonald  
"I am a huge fan of the TheraPlate! Over the years, we have seen positive results in hoof growth and performance. You can tell the horses feel so much better after a session. We have used it for gas colic, and as a result we have made less trips to the veterinary hospital. Our horses love just hanging out on it, and we have never had any issues with horses using the TheraPlate. It goes all day, everyday, and I am a true believer!"

(Photo credit Jenni Autry/Eventing Nation)

Pan Am Gold Medalist Lauren Kieffer
"All of our horses enjoy the Theraplate but we make sure to get the upper level horses on daily. It certainly helps post workout to prevent soreness and we've noticed a significant decrease in exercise related injuries."

NAJYRC Para Dressage Gold Medalist Sydney Collier
“All of the horses at my barn use the TheraPlate. My horse Wentworth loves it. It helps his muscles warm up so much faster before our lessons and it's a key part to our success. It helps their muscles become looser and it relaxes them so that you’re not already going out with a tense horse. It is an incredible tool. It helps me warm up my muscles. I have circulation issues in my left side so it’s often way colder than my right side. The first time I ever stepped on the TheraPlate within two or three minutes my left side was completely warm which was just something that never really happened using anything else.”

National Champion Hope Glynn
“All 50 horses in training use TheraPlate. We have one for at home and one for the horse shows. We have older horses that sometimes would start a little stiff and after the TheraPlate they are looser and happier from the start of their work. Every horse at the shows gets on the TheraPlate right before they come out to go to the ring. It helps warm up their muscles, increases blood flow to their feet and legs, and makes it easier for them to get into the ring and happier to do it. Any horse on a layup is on the TheraPlate twice a day along with their layup program from the vet. If your horse is suffering from a soft tissue injury there isn't a lot they get to do other than some hand walk during the beginning of the rehab process. Twice a day on the TheraPlate helps with healing stimulates all the muscles in the body and they are so happy to get to do more during their day. We love this machine and so do our horses!”

Olympian Heather Blitz
“I see a huge difference in my horses from using TheraPlate. They are happier and more willing in their work. It really balances my overall wellness program for them and ensures much greater soundness longevity.”

Dr. Steve Adair of the University of Tennessee
“Every one of my hospitalized patients go on the TheraPlate– quarter horses, thoroughbreds, and warmbloods. I treat them only for bone density. My horses go on it twenty minutes two times a day, seven days a week. It has been documented that horses loose bone density after being confined to a stall. What I’m using the TheraPlate for is to prevent bone density loss. That's the only documented evidence out there that stands a chance from a scientific standpoint. There are a lot of benefits that have been shown in humans for different things. The biggest with the neuromuscular control, but they have to actually exercise while they’re on the plate in order to improve their neuromuscular function. That's documented but there’s no way I could get the horses to do that! I do believe it helps maintain bone density.”

Andrea Fappani
"I have a TheraPlate at my barn, and a TheraPlate that we travel with. I use it every day on a couple of horses that have older injuries and are a little bit stiffer. Before I ride them we use it because it always loosens them up a bit more. If any horses have a recent injury, or any sort of inflammation, I definitely put them on the TheraPlate as a preventative.

These horses are used to having bigger stalls at home, and in pasture being able to move around more. When they get to a horse show and spend a week in a 10x10 stall, they seem to be a lot tighter and sore in their feet. What I like personally the most about TheraPlate is using it at horse shows. I use it on every horse I show— we do about twenty five-minute sessions every day before we ride them.

It saves a lot of time and work because you don’t have to have someone warm your horse up. To me, when I get on them its like someone has already been on jogging around and loosening everything up. If you have a horse that is a little uptight or you have to get their attention, I definitely think they become a lot more relaxed after the TheraPlate. It’s really a great product!”

Olympian Adrienne Lyle  
"We use theTheraplate on many horses in our barn, from youngsters to Grand Prix horses. We have used the TheraPlate for horses with hoof problems and quarter crack issues, and it has helped promote good foot circulation and good growth. I have also found the TheraPlate to be very beneficial as a pre-workout therapy for horses that are stiff or generally body sore."

Alyssa Mayo, Facility Manager of West Coast Equine Sports Therapy
"We have a 14 year old Lusitano that came to our facility recovering from stifle surgery. He was roughly 250 lbs overweight, lacking muscle tone and with very poor feet. We put him on our Elite Package program, which consists of our Panel Walker, Aqua Pacer and TheraPlate therapies. The TheraPlate was utilized daily, sometimes twice a day, on the Hoof Growth program. The attached photo is the progress that was made in one month without trimming. After two months of using the TheraPlate, we found that he had experienced significant hoof growth as well as noticeable improvement in his angles."

Caroline Roffman
"To compete at the international Grand Prix level, you have to use the best and most cutting edge equipment to give your horses that edge. I’m thrilled with Theraplate, and I know all of the horses in my barn benefit immensely from it."

Todd Minikus  
"We couldn’t be happier with the TheraPlate. We use it all day long— before the horses go out for exercise and after they bathe while they’re drying off. Anything that increases circulation— especially in the lower limbs of the horses— is really what we’re looking for. The TheraPlate seems to do a great job with that. We either own or have used every machine known to horsemen and the TheraPlate stands out as doing a really great job for us. And standing on the plate makes me feel great, as well."

Tom McCutcheon
"We use TheraPlate on all of our horses, it's a daily maintenance for us. We started using it at a horse show, now its part of the daily routine. I ride them, they get hosed, and they go stand on the TheraPlate. For the horses rehabbing, I think it’s been really good. While TheraPlate works well if you have a problem, it is also good to use to make sure you don't have a problem. For my show horses that have been sound, I think TheraPlate is really good at keeping them sound. Some of the rehab horses that haven’t been exposed to it and come in here and get the TheraPlate treatment and I think it shortens their rehab considerably."

Ted Turner Jr
"I use the TheraPlate every other day with my horses. The TheraPlate does a very nice job in reducing some of the soreness on my horses' heels, and that’s where I see the best results."

11-Time World Champion Barrel Racer, Charmayne James
"TheraPlate is one of the best therapy machines on the market. It is a must-have for me when I compete. When I compete at a high level, I want every advantage I can get. TheraPlate makes my horses feel so good they give that extra effort."